The Chicken Nugget Problem: Have Previous Foodborne Illnesses Influenced Policy Decisions?

A brief history of foodborne illness outbreaks affecting BC will be presented with a focus on how these events influenced changes in guidelines and policies, inspection practices, industry improvements, and human behaviour.  Although frozen breaded chicken products were first identified as a risk factor for Salmonella in 2003, we haven’t solved this problem yet. These products have been implicated in more than five clusters of salmonellosis in Canada this year alone.  Chicken nuggets will be used as an example to compare the effectiveness of policy over influencing human behaviour.

Presentation slides: 2017-11-10 – McINTYRE, Lorraine – OBs history policy and nuggets Nov 6 2017_final

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Monday 11:30 am 12:10 pm Lorraine McIntyre Minoru Room C
11:30 am - 12:10 pm - with Lorraine McIntyre - at Minoru Room C

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 Open: November 6, 2017

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