Dan Ferguson

Position: Manager, Strategic Initiatives (Emergency Management and Enforcement), ‎Interior Health Authority

Biography: Dan Ferguson is a Certified Public Health Inspector with 30 years’ experience in Environmental Public Health.  Dan started his career in Bonnyville, AB in 1987 and moved to Kamloops, BC in 1990, and became a Deputy Chief Public Health Inspector in 1992. Since 2001, when Interior Health was formed, Dan has held a number of management and leadership positions within the Health Protection portfolio.  During that time, he spent three years with Health Emergency Management BC, where he helped hospitals and residential care facilities develop and exercise emergency response plans.  He also facilitated training in personal protective equipment related to chemical contaminates and the Ebola Virus.

Dan’s resulting passion for Emergency Management led to him spending the last 2 years developing and implementing   Interior Health’s Health Protection Emergency Management system.  He is currently completing an Emergency Management Certificate through the JIBC.

Dan and his wife, Laura, have 3 children aged 22, 18 and 16.