Dr. Karen Rideout

Position: Specialist Consultant, Karen Rideout Consulting

Biography: Dr. Karen Rideout (moderator) brings experience with integrating health equity and social determinants of health to EH practice, as well as expertise on healthy built environments. A key aspect of this work involves careful consideration of local/individual context and needs to ensure public health by identifying flexible and creative ways to overcome barriers.

Dr. Karen Rideout is a specialist consultant for healthy environments, food systems, and health equity, with a particular focus on the social, cultural, and environmental influences on health. In her previous work at the BC Centre for Disease Control, Karen led early efforts to integrate health equity considerations to environmental public health practice, building networks, increasing knowledge, and developing tools to support health equity through environmental health practice. Through her company, Karen Rideout Consulting, she facilitates cross-sector engagement with diverse professionals to create healthier built environments, healthier public policies, and healthier food systems.