Monica Kosmak

Position: Senior Project Manager, Zero Waste at the City of Vancouver

Bio: Monica Kosmak joined the City in 2010 to develop the zero waste chapter of Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan. She has over fifteen years’ experience in environmental policy and zero waste planning. Her specialty is in extended producer responsibility, which involves corporations taking responsibility for recycling the product and packaging waste they put on the market.

Monica is currently leading a team to develop the City of Vancouver’s Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy in consultation with stakeholders and the public. The strategy targets disposable cups, take-out containers and plastic and paper shopping bags and will be presented to Vancouver City Council in early 2018.

This work is in her genes. According to family legend, her grandmother ate at a fast food chain in the 1970’s and used the Styrofoam container from her burger to carry her own sandwiches for 25 years.