Olga Bitzikos

Position: Senior Environmental Health Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health

Biography: Olga joined VCH in 2005 and is the supervisor of the regional CD Program.  She earned her degree in Occupational and Public Health from Ryerson University.  Olga has been involved in many outbreak investigations, such as, Vibriosis in BC oysters (2015), Clostridium perfringens from a catered event (2015), and Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning from mussels (2011).  She was recently involved in a national multidisciplinary working group to develop recommendations for Vibrio parahaemoyticus control in BC oysters.  She is a member of the BC Enteric Policy Working Group, the BC Salmonella enteritidis working group, the BC Zoonotic Disease Advisory Committee and the VCH Quality Assurance Advisory Committee.